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About VISIA Skin Analysis

At TruDerm in Plano and Allen, TX, we're committed to treating your skin with comprehensive medical and cosmetic dermatology treatments. Our dermatology centers offer the innovative VISIA TruSkin Complexion Analysis to patients wanting to learn more about their skin (and not just what lies on the surface). During your consultation, our team can capture high-resolution images of the skin's surface and subsurface to understand its age, identify wrinkles, texture, pores, red areas, pigment and other irregularities that may not be visible to the eye. VISIA allows us to cater to each patient on an individual basis and create better, more thorough treatment plans to repair or enhance their skin. Call TruDerm to learn more about VISIA Skin Analysis today! We're happy to offer one complimetnary TruSkin Analaysis to every patient!

Ideal Candidates

Everyone can benefit from a TruSkin Complexion Analysis to better understand the needs of your skin. Our team will use this to provide you with a personalized plan to achieve your skin goals. 

How it works

At TruDerm, our TruSkin Analysis is a facial scan performed on-site in one of our treatment rooms. The process is quick and easy, with absolutely no discomfort. The process starts with a cleansing of the skin, and then the chin and face are positioned comfortably within the VISIA platform. Sophisticated UV lighting will be used to take pictures of your face to measure and record the surface and subsurface of the skin. Images captured show skin irregularities, texture variations, pore sizes, age spots, UV spots, and vascularity, as well as bacteria and oil conditions of the skin. We record this information and  use it to develop a personalized treatment plan to help address any concerns and meet your aesthetic goals. 

What to Expect

Following your VISIA skin analysis, we will have the results of your assessment and will be able to show you the digital and 3D images of your face. Depending on what we are addressing, a number of treatment options can be discussed that will work best for your skin type and condition. The VISIA system is accurate, precise, and advantageous in identifying your irregularities and unwanted skin conditions. VISIA can assess for rejuvenation options, such as:

  • Laser treatments
  • Medical-grade facials or the HydraFacial system
  • Injectables (wrinkle relaxers and/or fillers)
  • Chemical peels
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Microneedling (with or without PRP infusions)
  • PRP injections

Our medical and cosmetic dermatology team will make recommendations on how to achieve your desired complexion. 

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With the state-of-the-art VISIA Skin Analysis system, our skin care consultants can help you get the services and skin care you need. The professionals at TruDerm will help guide you through the process, educate you on how to repair and enhance your skin, and create a tailored approach that is specific for your skin health. Contact TruDerm in Plano or Allen today to set up a private consultation, and let us learn more about your skin today!