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What is Laser Vein Therapy?

TruDerm is pleased to offer laser vein therapy treatments to men and women with spider veins on various areas of their face. Our treatment team has extensive experience in performing this procedure and understands that each patient case is unique. Prior to any treatment, your provider will conduct a thorough consult to learn more about your skin and your cosmetic goals. At TruDerm we utilize the Vbeam laser by Syneron Candela and PicoWay laser technology for laser vein therapy treatments. Both the PicoWay and Vbeam laser technology use a focused wavelength that specifically targets red blood cells without damaging the surface of the skin. If you are interested in significantly diminishing the appearance of your spider veins, call our Allen and Plano, TX offices today to learn more.

Best Candidates

Patients who are good candidates for laser vein therapy have visible spider veins on their face. Typically, facial veins are designated to the mid-section of the face including the cheeks and nose. Patients should be in overall good health before the procedure and should tell their provider if they have a history of blood clots or may be pregnant.

Laser vein therapy is an effective treatment and provides outstanding outcomes for patients who have:

  • Facial veins
  • Spider veins in the legs or upper thigh area
  • Leg veins
  • Varicose veins
  • Vascular lesions

The type of vein you wish to be treated and the condition of them will help determine which modality our skilled practitioners will use. Some patients made need several treatments depending on the number of veins, size, location, and desired outcome.

About the Procedure

Before the treatment begins, one of our skin care technicians will cover the patient’s eyes with protective eyewear. Once the patient is ready, the provider will pass the laser handpiece over the areas of the face that have visible blood vessels. The Vbeam system applies multiple wavelengths of light that are absorbed by the blood vessel, which destroy the spider vein for a smoother appearance to the skin, while PicoWay utilizes a photoacoustic effect.

What to Expect

Laser vein treatment may cause some temporary redness, bruising, and blistering to the treated skin but this should disappear in 2 – 8 weeks. Patients are advised to rest and avoid strenuous activity after their treatment, and patients should cover the treated areas as often as possible to protect it from any sun exposure. For best results, we recommend multiple treatments over the course of several months. 

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Thanks to advanced technology, our patients no longer have to cover up unattractive spider veins. Schedule a private consultation with one of our providers today so we can help you decide the best treatment option for your spider veins. We look forward to hearing from you.