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What are Cysts?

Cysts are sac-like structures that often contain fluid, pus, or gas. Usually, they are noncancerous and vary in size. Some cysts are so small that they frequently go unnoticed but others can be rather large like that of a golf ball. They can appear almost anywhere on the body and typically don’t cause any pain or discomfort unless they rupture or become infected. As a leading dermatology practice in Allen and Plano, TX, TruDerm invites you to call or visit our facility to schedule an appointment. Although most cysts are innocuous, it's best to have them inspected by a trained team member to confirm they aren’t anything to worry about.

Symptoms of Cysts

Small cysts generally have no symptoms or signs. It is very common for them to go undetected until some type of physical exam is performed. Cysts can either be raised or lie just under the uppermost layer of the skin. Since they are often inconspicuous and don’t cause any pain, some patients may not realize they have one. Typically, most cysts can be felt as a lump in the skin. Larger cysts are easier to detect and are often very noticeable. When a cyst begins to cause pain, is it usually the result of an infection or eruption. Larger cysts can also cause internal organs to become compressed or displaced, which can cause great discomfort.

What Causes Cysts?

Cysts are very common abnormalities that can occur for several different reasons. Underlying causes can be due to genetics, organ defects, infection, tumors, or chronic inflammatory conditions. Other injuries or a disruption in the flow of fluids and oils can cause cysts as well. There are many different types of cysts but during the initial consultation, a TruDerm team member will examine your condition to better determine its origin and makeup.

How to Treat Cysts

Many cysts don’t cause any pain or discomfort, but they may cause emotional insecurity if they are in a location that draws unwanted attention. Many patients visit TruDerm to have cysts removed for either cosmetic reasons or because they have erupted or have become infected. Our main goal at TruDerm is to examine the cyst properly to confirm it is benign. Some cysts can be cancerous and if they are infected, they can cause great discomfort and pain. Generally, most cysts are easily collapsed and drained with a simple needle puncture. Others may require surgical removal with a scalpel.

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