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What is Dermatitis?

Men and women from all over the Allen and Plano, TX area and surrounding communities visit TruDerm for  treatment of inflamed skin. This condition is known as dermatitis and can affect patients of all ages. Generally, symptoms include red, swollen skin or an itchy rash. Dermatitis can also cause blisters or flakiness. The cause of dermatitis tends to derive from a combination of genetics and environmental factors. Patients with allergies, hay fever, or asthma are usually more prone to flare-ups. One of our providers will perform testing and evaluate a patient’s medical history to determine the cause and best form of treatment.

Symptoms of Dermatitis

Since there are several types of dermatitis, symptoms are presented in different ways. Typically beginning in infancy, atopic dermatitis results in a red, itchy rash usually at the front of the neck, behind the knees, or inside the elbows. Contact dermatitis occurs when a patient touches a substance that causes an allergic reaction or irritates the skin. This can result in a red rash that can itch, sting, or burn, and blisters are also possible. With seborrheic dermatitis, reddened skin, scaly patches, and abundant dandruff are common.

What Causes Dermatitis?

A number of factors play a role in causing dermatitis. With atopic dermatitis, genetics, dry skin, bacteria, environmental factors, and immune system problems are the leading causes. Contact dermatitis is caused by a patient who has adverse effects to certain products and substances like soaps, detergents, jewelry, and cleaning supplies. In seborrheic dermatitis, the condition could be connected to a fungus found in the skin’s oil secretion since symptoms are often dependent on the season.

Treatment for Dermatitis

In some cases, we may prescribe corticosteroid ointments to be used on the affected areas. Some patients benefit from calcineurin inhibitors, which are creams or lotions that can correct immune system dysfunctions that lead to symptoms. Other patients benefit from light therapy treatments, where the skin is exposed to a certain amount of light to soothe the skin. Since each patient’s cause and symptoms of dermatitis vary, the treatment can vary significantly and will be determined during a thorough exam with one of our practitioners.

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Get Control of Your Dermatitis

Dermatitis can be painful and can greatly affect a patient’s well being and quality of life to the point where daily activities can’t be completed. To take control of your dermatitis and get your life back to normal, contact our Allen and Plano, TX office to schedule your consultation as soon as possible.